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Hear Brothers Osborne's Rocking New Single 'Shoot Me Straight'



Brothers Osborne have shared the first new cut from their upcoming sophomore studio album and it's the perfect blend of country and rock and roll.

The song follows in the footsteps of their smash single "Stay A Little Longer," using clever songwriting and stellar vocals to built to a killer guitar solo. Coming in at nearly seven minutes, the track uses the compares fiery passion and heartache with the burn of alcohol. While they certainly aren't the first to use this play on words, they do it in a way that's all their own.


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"Shoot Me Straight" will be featured on a new, still unannounced record that's expected to drop sometime this year. You can catch Brothers Osborne out on the road with dates scheduled through May.

"Shoot Me Straight" Lyrics:

Don't give me that look, that let me down easy smile
Don't act like I couldn't see you coming for a hundred miles
Don't try to find the perfect words
Can't take the pain off the hurt
Hit me hard, baby I can take it
It's your move go on and make it

Make it burn the whole way down
Lay my 6 foot 4 inch ass out on the ground
Yeah, tomorrow I'll have me a hard hangover
And one hell of a heartache
So pour it on like a shot of whiskey
And shoot me straight


I've got some friends who'd love to go raise some hell
A couple old flames to help me bid you farewell
There's plenty of time and alcohol
From happy hour to last call
So do whatcha gotta do
So I can get to getting over you

Don't give me that salt shaker and lime
Don't give me that come back chaser this time
Don't muddle it up, don't water it down
Give me everything you got right here, right now
Make it burn

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