Shiner Holiday Cheer is the Perfect Winter Beer

Spoetzl Brewing is beloved for their high-quality premium beers, from the classic Shiner Bock to the summery Ruby Redbird. Another Shiner beer that fans wait for all year round is Shiner Holiday Cheer, a delectable blend of nuttiness and fruitiness that's perfect for sitting in front of a crackling fire on a chilly winter evening.

What Does Shiner Holiday Cheer Taste Like?

Shiner Holiday Cheer is a old-world dunkelweizen that tastes like Texas, brewed with local peaches and pecans. With a bitterness of 22 IBU and an ABV of 5.4%, this malty delight has everything you want in a holiday beer.

The caramelized malty flavors in this wheat beer give it a deliciously rich taste that feels warm and festive, mixing perfectly with the fruity taste of Texas peaches and the hint of pecan flavor. First brewed in 2010, Shiner Holiday Cheer is available in 12 oz bottles and cans for a limited time, along with the other Shiner seasonal beer, Oktoberfest.

Spoetzl Brewery

This iconic craft brewery was founded in Shiner, Texas in 1909 by German and Czech settlers. A few years after its founding, a Bavarian man named Kosmos Spoetzl joined the brewery, adding his own creativity and experience to the brewery's techniques. His innovations led to Shiner Bock becoming the most popular craft beer in the state of Texas.

Along with its famous Shiner Bock, Spoetzel Brewery makes a number of craft beers, such as the Black Lager, Wicked Juicy IPA, Black Lager, and Shiner 1909. As for the Shiner Cheer, this winter warmer is ideal for the holiday season, with a nutty mouthfeel and the perfect amount of fruitiness.

Whether you're stocking up for a holiday party or craving a winter beer to sip on a night in, Shiner Holiday Cheer provides the perfect combo of flavors. Use the beer finder on the Shiner website to figure out where you can pick up a pack to try for yourself.