Spoetzl Brewery

Shiner Hard Seltzer is Coming Soon, So Grab Your Cowboy Hats

It's the year of the Texas hard seltzer! Last week Topo Chico announced their entry into the hard seltzer market and Spoetzl Brewery, who produces Shiner Bock beer, is adding their hat to the ring as well. White Claw who? Meet the new Shiner Straight Shooter Hard Seltzer. Craft brewed with 0 carbs and 0 sugar, the hard seltzer comes in flavors like wild cherry, lemonade, mango, and grapefruit and lime. Unlike the Topo Chico seltzer which will be hitting stores next year, thirsty Texans can expect to see the alcoholic beverages to hit the cooler in time for Labor Day.

According to a release by the brewery, the new hard seltzer is craft brewed in small batches like craft beer. We shouldn't be too surprised the 111-year-old brewery is adding a new alcoholic beverage to its line-up. In the past few years, the brewery has started releasing new brews infused with fruit flavors.

"We use just a few simple ingredients and water sourced from our artesian well," said Shiner's brewmaster, Jimmy Mauric, in the release. The hard seltzer has a 4.5 ABV and is only 90 calories, making it a light drink to enjoy by the pool.

What is Hard Seltzer?


Years ago sometimes the only hard seltzer available at the grocery store was Bon & Viv, Truly, and White Claw hard seltzer. Now almost half of the beer aisle is packed with different options with flavors ranging from black cherry to raspberry. In the past year or two big brewing companies (like Bud Light and Corona, heck even Smirnoff) have started to offer spiked seltzer to customers.

The alcohol in hard seltzer is usually made from fermented sugar, rice, or malt and can be gluten-free. They usually have less alcohol than beer, making them a tad healthier. But they should still be consumed in moderation.

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