Spoetzl Brewery Releases Shiner 1909 to Celebrate 112 Years of Brews

Anyone who's had a drink of the earthy, hoppy Shiner Bock with its touch of caramel and fruit knows how delectable it is. Spoetzl Brewery has been crafting Shiner beer since 1909, using heritage ingredients and old-world techniques. This legendary brewery has just announced the release of a new beer in honor of their 112th anniversary, called Shiner 1909.

Spoetzl Brewery


Spoetzl Brewery was founded in Shiner, Texas in 1909 by Czech and German settlers, and each drop of Shiner beer is still brewed and bottled at this same brewery started over a century ago.

Five years after it was founded, a Bavarian man named Kosmos Spoetzl joined the brewery, bringing his own creative twist and old-world Bavarian techniques. Because of his innovation, Shiner Bock is the most popular craft beer in Texas.

Along with the legendary Shiner Bock, Spoetzl sells Black Lager, Wicked Juicy IPA, Light Blonde, Shiner Premium, and variety packs to try a few. The brewery also has a tasty selection of hard seltzers.

Shiner 1909


Shiner 1909 was created in honor of the "history, endurance, and Texas heritage" of Spoetzl Brewery.

This heritage lager is made with Heritage 2-row barley, Noble hops, Shiner's proprietary lager yeast, and water from the very same well that the founders have used since 1909. This blend of natural, high-quality ingredients results in a light-bodied lager with a crisp, refreshing finish and notes of rich malt flavor.

This refreshing new lager has an ABV of 4.5% and is available in 6-packs and 12-packs. It's currently available across the country and in Mexico. For more information, check out www.shiner.com.

As Matt Pechman, Spoetzl Brewing's Head of Marketing says, "We're so proud to launch Shiner 1909 in celebration of the brewery's rich history. For 112 years, Shiner has brewed flavorful, refreshing and sessionable beers, becoming a favorite not only of Texans but of beer lovers nationwide. With this new release, we're paying respect to our past while toasting to the future, and we're making it available year-round so we'll all be able to celebrate our birthday every day of the year."

We can't wait to try Shiner 1909!