Hear Blake Shelton’s Blunt New Single, ‘She’s Got a Way with Words’

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Over the past year, we’ve all been hanging on to everything that happens in Blake Shelton’s life. From his high-profile divorce from Miranda Lambert to his sweeping romance with Gwen Stefani, we’ve seen it all.

But, what is most exciting about this train wreck drama is that we often get to hear glimpses of it from behind the scenes. These glimpses come in the way of songs and interviews that the three stars have given us, all of which have been very telling.

The latest snippet comes from Blake Shelton as a part of his new album, which he says shows a lot about what he has been going through over the past year. The song, titled “She’s Got a Way with Words”, goes through a bad breakup and has some pretty harsh lyrics. For example, the chorus says things like, “She put the ex in sex, she put the low in blow, she put a big F.U. in my future,” just to name a few.

Naturally, the world of country music is already debating whether this song throws shade at Shelton’s famous ex. It is important to know that Shelton didn’t write the song and it was actually offered to another artist first. But, after hearing the song, Shelton quickly added it to his album that is full of songs about his personal love life.

Regardless of the meaning behind the song, it definitely fits well with the others on Shelton’s new album. Plus, it has a rather catchy tune that is really easy to enjoy. We may never know if Shelton is singing about Miranda, but it is definitely a fantastic breakup song.

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Hear Blake Shelton’s Blunt New Single, ‘She’s Got a Way with Words’