Shenandoah bus fire

Shenandoah's Tour Bus Catches Fire Along the Highway

Alabama country group Shenandoah was in for a shock on their way home from tour dates in Texas on Sunday, June 24. While they were passing through Forest City, Ark., a fire broke out on their bus, and the band had to quickly evacuate along the highway.

But you can breathe a sigh of relief because miraculously, everyone was alright despite the scare. The band posted photos to social media to show the aftermath of the incident and the smoke that billowed out from the tour bus.

"It's one of the things you always know is possible," Lead singer Marty Raybon told "You certainly never want it to happen, but it does and it did. The biggest concern is the safety of the guys we run the highways with. The bus is just a piece of machinery that gets you from one point to the other. So truly grateful no one was injured and The Lord was watching over us. I don't want us to ever keep the road that hot again. I do say that with a hardy chuckle!!!"

Drummer Mike McGuire also spoke with, saying that he was awoken from a nap by Raybon urgently telling everyone to get off the bus that was already filling up with smoke. Thankfully, the fire was put out by extinguishers on board.

This isn't the first time Shenandoah has dealt with major tour bus danger. In 2014, they were directly behind a drunk driver who rammed into a car carrying a fuel tank that exploded. The band's bus had to drive through the flames, and they ended up hitting the side of another vehicle. Amazingly, they were not injured.

Shenandoah released their debut album in 1987. Their latest record, Reloaded, features live versions of their hits and a few new songs, as well. The album marks their highest Billboard debut in their entire career. Reloaded has landed them among the Top 15 albums on the iTunes Top Country Album chart, the Top 20 of Billboard's Country Album Sales and the Top 30 of Billboard's Independent Album Sales (All Genres). They have tour dates planned through the rest of the year and even a couple of dates already set up for 2019.

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