Sheena Brook
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Sheena Brook Lands Spot on 'The Voice' with Impressive Sugarland Cover

It's not easy to sing a Sugarland cover. But on last night's episode of The Voice, 33-year-old Florida native Sheena Brook pulled it off. And she found herself on Adam Levine's team because of it.

Brook sang Sugarland's huge hit "Baby Girl" from their debut album Twice The Speed Of Life. The first single ever released and co-written by the group, "Baby Girl" helped setup Sugarland as a force in country music. And of course, helped establish lead singer Jennifer Nettles as one of the genre's most dynamic voices.

So naturally, it's a tall order to make a song like "Baby Girl" your own. Especially when Nettles has such a unique and identifiable voice. But Sheena Brook hit all the right notes and led with an earthy chest voice that turned Levine's chair almost instantly.

It's not every day a country singer ends up with Levine, who's most known for his work with pop/rock group Maroon 5. But that partly just came because Blake Shelton literally couldn't choose her. He already filled his team prior to Brook's performance.

And per usual, though Brook didn't have to suffer the drama of picking a coach, others added some theatrics. In fact, fellow coach Alicia Keys pulled out a puppet of Adam Levine to emulate the singer. And, as it turns out, Levine hates puppets. Even if they look like him.

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But Levine promised to give his full attention to Brook and says he too hopes to take a country singer to the top. And Shelton says Brook could be the one to help him do it. The show has so far been kind to the country genre.

Brook's episode marked the final blind auditions of season 12. Now contestants move on to the battle round portion of the show, where they battle it out as a coach eliminates one with each performance.

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