SheDaisy arrives at the 39th annual Academy of Country Music Awards at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on Wednesday, May 26, 2004. The sisters are from left, Krystyn, Kelsi and Kassidy Osborn. (AP Photo/Laura Rauch)

What Happened to SHeDAISY?

Musical group SHeDaisy was once one of the most promising new bands in country music. The sisters, from Magna, Utah, first started their musical careers singing around their hometown. They hosted neighborhood shows, performed in department stores and retirement homes, sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" at Utah Jazz home games, and did whatever they could before officially pursuing music in Nashville.

The band was officially founded in the 80s by Utah native sisters Kristyn Osborn, Kelsi Osborn, and Kassidy Osborn. Their name came from the word shideezhí, which means "Little Sister" in Navajo. 

The sisters originally started their careers under the group name The Osborn Sisters when they signed to RCA Records in Nashville. Unfortunately, the album they recorded was never released, so they rebranded to SheDaisy and signed to Lyric Street Records. Despite getting comparisons to The Chicks (formerly the Dixie Chicks) over the years, the girls made their stamp on country music with talented singing and songwriting between the three of them.


Their debut album, The Whole SHeBANG, was released in 1999 and produced by Dann Huff.  It did so well it was certified platinum. Singles "Little Good-Byes," "This Woman Needs," and "I Will...But" all hit top 10 on the charts. They even won the CMT Video Award for Rising Star. The trio was so on fire they also released a Christmas album, Brand New Year, in 2000 and hosted A SHeVERY Merry Christmas on Spike TV. Yes, you definitely need the SheDaisy rendition of "Deck The Halls" in your life.

Knock on the Sky was the band's second album in 2002, which debuted at number 3 on the billboards. Singles "Get Over Yourself" and "Mine All Mine" did not chart well, but "Mine All Mine" was featured in the film Sweet Home Alabama and scenes from the film are in the song's music video. Still, at the peak of their careers, the trio sang the halftime show at the 2003 Orange Bowl

In 2004, the trio released their third album Sweet Right Here, featuring lead single "Passenger Seat," which reached 12 on the Billboard chart. Fortuneteller's Melody followed in 2006, The Best of SheDaisy and A Story To Tell followed after and featured the band's greatest hits. After charting 15 times throughout their careers, the group just disappeared after that. So what happened?

Their website,, has been shut down, and no new music has come out since those greatest hits albums. For all intents and purposes, the trio just vanished after a successful career. 

The sisters still actively post on their Facebook page, but it seems that currently, they are focused on their private lives, families, and faith (they are members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints). While there's no word on plans for future music, hopefully, we'll see more appearances from the trio as we look back and appreciate all of their music from over the years.

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