Shania Twain's New Album Was Almost Produced by Prince

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Shania Twain's first new album in 15 years almost had a very special producer. "The very first person that called me, who reached out to me before I'd even written the album...[was] Prince," Twain recently told reporters.

Unfortunately, at the time Prince contacted Twain, she just didn't know when to do the album. The pair exchanged calls and emails, along with different notes and ideas on a potential project.

"When he was calling me and mailing me, I wasn't ready to do the album," Twain says. "He said, 'Come to my studio, let's get started,' and I just said, 'I can't sing right now, I just don't have my voice yet.'"

Prince eventually went back on tour, so he wasn't available to produce when Twain felt comfortable in the studio again. And sadly, the rock and roll legend passed away in April 2016.

Without doubt, a Prince-produced record would get the whole world's attention. Then again, Shania doesn't have much trouble with that. The new record, Now, comes out on Sept. 29 and easily tops the most-anticipated albums list for all of 2017.

Her first project since 2002's record-shattering Up!, Now features a host of different producers. Part of the reason the record took so long? She split from her husband and longtime producer Mutt Lange after he cheated on her with her best friend.

Compounded with stress-related vocal issues, the whole ordeal just about convinced Twain to retire. But her comeback tour a few years ago showed the whole world is hungry for a career rejuvenation. That shouldn't be too hard for country music's top-selling female artist.

Her first single off the new album, "Life's About To Get Good," references some of her recent struggles. And it certainly doesn't skip a beat when it comes to pushing the boundaries of country. Known not just as a fantastic voice but also a prolific writer, Shania Twain wrote constantly despite not recording any new music.

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It's just too bad she wasn't quite ready when Prince wanted to produce her project. "If I ever had professional regret," Twain says, "That's one of them."

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Shania Twain's New Album Was Almost Produced by Prince