Shania Twain Shares Details of 2017 Comeback Album

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Don’t call it a comeback! Or do. Because that’s what it is for Shania Twain, the once-reigning queen of pop country. The Canadian record breaker wrapped up an immensely successful comeback Rock This Country Tour in 2015. And then she hit the studio for her comeback record, due late Spring 2017.

Twain spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the progress of the album and the recording process. “By the end, I felt like I had climbed a huge mountain and was standing on top of it, looking God in the eye,” Twain says. Wow.

The whole process probably felt like a long time coming. And while Twain released her last record 14 years ago, she’s still been writing all this time. “By the time I got into the studio, I was already quite familiar with what I wanted to do,” she adds.

Twain wrote and recorded snippets over the years, backing them up on “like, five” different devices. She’ll then go back and listen through on a rainy day. Playing with the arrangements and recording in GarageBand or ProTools helped, too.

“It’s really fun to experiment with arrangements,” she says. “I did so many of my backing vocal arrangements — just being able to have all these multitracks and moving them around and experimenting that way.”

Twain teamed up with a host of different producers to bring the record to life. Though she may seem like a carefree, fun-loving individual on stage, Twain says she pretty dang focused during recording. “It’s not like it’s not fun,” she says. “But the joy comes in watching the whole thing grow and getting locked into that creative mode. That’s so indulgent for me.”

The songs range from painful, melancholy songs that changed into upbeat tunes and triumphant “girl power” tunes (a Twain necessity). This is her first record since splitting from former husband and producer Mutt Lange.

The amazing part is, her 2017 album will only be her fifth studio record. For a name ubiquitous with 90s and early 2000s country, that’s almost unbelievable.

Her last effort, 2002’s Up! shattered so many molds it’s hard to keep track. Now, Shania Twain just wants to keep making music. “I’m so overdue!” she says. “I feel like I just need to keep making albums now.”

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Shania Twain Shares Details of 2017 Comeback Album