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Shania Twain Rumored to Perform at 2017 ACM Awards

The ACM Awards always supply a few shocks and surprises, but this year many are anticipating a comeback performance from one of country's biggest stars.

Shania Twain has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since wrapping up her farewell tour in 2015. But last year, she revealed that she was hard at work on a new album. Triumphant is expected to be released sometime this spring, but details on the record have been scarce. 

The rumor train started rolling earlier this week when Twain sent out a cryptic tweet, teasing a possible surprise coming this weekend. Of course, one other huge country music event is happening this Sunday - the ACM Awards.

Now, this subtle message could mean a few things. Most likely, Twain's lead single will drop sometime this weekend. But will she make a surprise appearance at the ACM's in support of the new tunes? The timelines definitely seem to line up. We'll all just have to wait and see.

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Either way, the next few days should be exciting for Twain lovers, who have been patiently awaiting new music since 2002's Up!

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