Shania Twain Fans Are Blasting Singer For Sounding "Robotic" During Recent Performance
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for ACM

Shania Twain Fans Are Blasting Singer For Sounding "Robotic" During Recent Glastonbury Performance

Shania Twain took to the stage to perform for the Glastonbury Music Festival in England. However, her performance wasn't that well-received. Attendees blasted the singer for sounding both robotic and out of sync.

Taking to social media, several people complained about the sound of Twain during the concert. One wrote, "They f—ked up the sound or something because she's a phenomenal singer with some absolute bangers, she sounded robotic and kept touching her earpiece? Shania twain was apparently a similar situation too. Now people think she shouldn't of headlined."

Another wrote, "I listened to Shania Twain last night. She was awful. Flat and raspy. I like some of her stuff but had to turn it off." Another wrote, "Oh my dear God Shania, that was awful...i have more chance of hitting a cows a—e with a banjo than she did of hitting a note... when performers can no longer sing a full song live and in tune it's definitely time to quit."

Yet another wrote, "Just watching #Shania from yesterday. With the greatest of respect, it's awful. Saw her in Abu Dhabi in November and left as sound was so bad she started vamping. Sorry, you don't have repeated sound issues like that. Sunday was washout for #Glastonbury."

Shania Twain Garners Backlash

However, not everyone was against Twain. Several fans defended the country singer. One fan explained that Twain suffers from Lymes disease and also had Covid recently. They wrote, "I am gutted by all the negative comments regarding her voice. She had Lymes disease which attacked her vocal cords and had to have surgery. At least she sang live and knew her capabilities and sang the chorus a couple of octaves lower in order to perform otherwise you'd all be bitching she was miming, I'd rather she sung live in a key that is comfortable to her. I don't see one unhappy customer in the audience?? They're rocking along with her . Just look at her? 58! And still rocking! I've been a fan of hers for almost 30 years and my loyalty has never waivered."

Twain previously opened up about getting Covid.

"My lungs were filling up with COVID pneumonia and I was losing my air. I survived it, but it was iffy," Twain explained. "This minister, he just starts breathing in through his nose, out through his mouth. And he's like, 'Air.' He says, 'Air. What are you going to do with it?' ... I celebrated it by writing a song about it. Obviously, we wouldn't be alive without air. But I take a playful perspective on it and it becomes celebratory."