Shane Smith and the Saints

Shane Smith Shares His 'On the Bus' Playlist

Over the past few years, Shane Smith and the Saints have evolved from a small band on the relentless Texas touring scene to a group that's made waves all across the country. With the release of their 2015 record Geronimo, they earned critical acclaim for their mixture of gritty, emotional lyrics, four-part harmonies and spirited accompaniment.

Their almost constant presence on the road has been one of the biggest driving factors of their success. By supplying an ever-energetic presence on stage, they've earned a dedicated fan base that follows them from gig to gig.

"The time we've spent touring, over the last few years, has been both amazing and tough at times," Shane Smith tells Wide Open Country. "I think the primary reason we play music professionally is the diverse lifestyle. The diverse people we get to make relationships with... The diverse venues we get to see/play... Diverse landscapes and places we've gotten to see, etc. It's also opened my ears to a really diverse taste in music."

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We asked Shane to share some of the tunes that he goes back to during those long days and nights on the open road.

"I can't speak on behalf of the rest of the guys, but these are the type of bands that I typically listen to on the road," he explains. "Not just for their songs, but I also have a ton of respect for most all of the bands listed here. I feel like most of these acts toured really heavily and came up the hard way. Very few of them have I ever met/played shows with, but several of them we have. Hope you enjoy!"

Take a listen to Shane Smith's On The Road playlist below.

You can snag Shane Smith and the Saints' latest album, Geronimo, online and in stores now. You can also catch them out on the road across the country through the end of September.

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