Don't Wait for Ice Cream to Thaw with This Heated Ice Cream Scoop

We've got something that is going to change how you enjoy your frozen ice cream, sherbet, and custard. We all love a good bowl of frozen flavored heaven, but the scooping process is not always easy. However, this heated ice cream scoop can change that. With the the Scoop That Warming Ice Cream Scoop you can get an easy scoop without comprising the integrity of your delicious cream.

This heated ice cream scoop might not be the first iteration of its kind, but it is the world's first thermo-ring heat generated scooper and it's only $19.95. The quick-heating design guarantees easy ice cream releases, making this an ice cream scooper that's safe for the whole family to use.

THAT! Scoop That II Warming Ice Cream Scoop

The Scoop II makes serving up a bowl of ice cream stress free, so you won't break a sweat from scooping alone. This heated scoop requires no batteries or electricity because it operates on the thermo-ring heated scooping edges, making the process quite simple.

You'll never need to add extra elbow grease when trying to scoop ice cream from a carton if it's not thawed. You'll never even have to wait for the carton to soften or run your scooper under hot water again because even hard ice cream caves to this heated ice cream scoop.

Homemade ice cream, which is always a hard frozen ice cream, comes out in a quicker and easier scooping time for the perfect ice cream cone or bowl without the wait. Available in silver or black, the design is clean and modern while the special coating in the scooping bowl maintains the temperatures of the cold ice cream.

Get the perfect scoop that you deserve when it comes time to enjoy your delicious dessert and kiss the sticky messes of a lesser electric ice-cream scoop goodbye!

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