Selfless Single Mother Adopts Six Sisters in Need of a Home

Lacey Dunkin, a single woman in California, stepped up big time when six foster sisters were in need of a home. Dunkin always felt a maternal instinct inside her. Her wish for children was quickly granted (in a bigger way than she could have ever expected) upon becoming a foster parent in 2011.

That year, Lacy got a call from a social worker informing her that there were four sisters in need of immediate care. Lacy had no doubt in her mind that the sisters had to stay together. Separating the siblings would only be traumatic and sad for the girls. So, the five children moved in with Lacey, who shared a four bedroom house with her parents at the time. A fifth sister (a baby at the time) was sent to a foster family better equipped to deal with infants.

"It was just a natural fit from the start," Lacey's mother told People. Lacey and her parents loved and raised the girls for nine months until the birth mother regained custody. The birth mother, however, quickly realized that she had a tough decision to make.

"It was a little over a month later when she called and asked if I'd be willing to adopt all five girls. I was shocked, because that must have been a hard decision to make. She had been considering it for a few weeks, but was worried that her family might judge her," Lacy explained.

It was a no brainer for Lacey, who spent the next year finalizing adoption papers. Then, the birth mother found out she was pregnant again. She decided that her sixth child too would be better off in Lacey's care. "This was my children's sibling, so it wasn't even a question for me to take her in too," said Lacey.

Now, Lacey and the six pack of sisters are happier than ever. "I wouldn't trade the six of them for anything. I am so honored to be their mother," the proud mom stated.

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Selfless Single Mother Adopts Six Sisters in Need of a Home