See Wheeler Walker Jr.’s Brash New Video for ‘Redneck Sh*t’

Screengrab via YouTube

Wheeler Walker Jr. flashes some chest hair and testosterone in his outrageous new video for “Redneck Sh*t.”

The controversial country artist is the alter-ego of comedian Ben Hoffman, who teamed up with award-winning producer Dave Cobb to make one of the most talked-about albums of 2016.

The simple black-and-white video for the title track of his debut album, Redneck Shit, shows Walker trotting around a dirt road, throwing up obscene gestures while praising his godly country and the South. Even when he discusses the most grotesque of subjects, it’s almost impossible not to be pulled in by the song’s solid and absurdly infectious instrumentation.

When asked about his brash and comedic take on traditional country music, Walker explained that he simply wanted to make a record that was straightforward and authentic – even if it made you uncomfortable. That unconventional method has led him all the way up to the number nine spot on the Billboard Country Album chart this week.

“There’s so little authenticity in music these days, especially country music,” Walker recently told Wide Open Country. “I’m telling a story here, from beginning to end.”

Click below to watch Wheeler Walker Jr.’s unapologetically explicit new video for “Redneck Shit.” WARNING: This is definitely NSFW.

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See Wheeler Walker Jr.’s Brash New Video for ‘Redneck Sh*t’