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See What 100 Years of Family Dinners Looks Like in 3 Minutes

Have you ever wondered how family dinners have changed over the last century? Well, wonder no more.

The folks over at Mode took a look back over a century of yummy dinners in a new video that’s heating up online, giving us a look at what family dinners have looked like, and more importantly how they’ve changed, since the year 1915.

The video kicks off more than a century ago, showing us what classic roast beef plate with potatoes looked like way back when, which is still a staple for a family get together today.

As the video moves on through the ages, 1945 is all about the spam, as the video shows off that the 40’s were all about the tinned meat with baked potato and even those ever-present lima beans.

10 years later, and the lima beans are gone to make way for those now infamous TV dinners we all know and love.

Things then get a little more familiar in 1975, as we see some yummy cheese fondue take over as the most popular family dinner, while the 1990’s are all about taco Tuesdays and 2005 brings in a little culture with some sushi.

Take a look at 100 years of family dinners in the Mode video below.

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See What 100 Years of Family Dinners Looks Like in 3 Minutes