Vince Gill Performs a Hilarious Song He Wrote in Just 20 Minutes

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Talented singer-songwriter Vince Gill proved he could make a catchy tune out of almost anything when he visited America’s Morning Show this week.

During his in-studio stay, Gill was challenged to come up with a song using four words hand-picked by the judges, which included “muffin-top,” “thunder-thighs,” “flatulence,” and “cattywampus.” He was then given only 20 minutes to write a tune that included all of those rather unique selections.

For most songwriters, making a song that’s both catchy, logical and witty out of this grab-bag of lyrics would probably seem like a difficult challenge. Gill’s more than three decades of songwriting and performing seemed to have given him an edge for the task. After letting out a few nervous chuckles, the 58-year-old sang a strangely romantic ode to the woman that he loves. Although the hilarious ditty is all about loving someone through their faults, Gill politely declined the option of dedicating it to his wife, Amy Grant. Smart move, Vince.

Although the track definitely won’t be hitting the top of the charts any time soon, the exercise showed off both Gill’s impressive songwriting chops and goodhearted sense of humor.

Click below to hear the result of Vince Gill’s hilarious 20-minute “Fake-A-Song” challenge below.

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Vince Gill Performs a Hilarious Song He Wrote in Just 20 Minutes