See Surreal Footage of the Tornadoes That Ravaged North Texas

Screengrab via YouTube/BasehuntersChasing

Over the holiday weekend, severe weather tore through North Texas and left a trail of utter devastation in its wake.

Eleven people were killed in Dallas and Collin counties after the storms hit the area on Saturday. The northwest suburbs of Dallas were the hardest hit during the outbreak. Hundreds of homes were destroyed in Garland, TX after an EF-4 tornado with winds nearing 200 mph touched down. The storm quickly moved east and spawned another tornado in Rowlett, which injured 23 people and flattened a large area of the town.

So far, the National Weather Service in Fort Worth has confirmed that nine tornadoes touched down in the area on Saturday evening. Due to the incredible devastation, dozens of families were forced to spend the rest of their holiday weekend inside shelters. According to the Star-Telegram, officials say that the severe weather outbreak was the worst that the Dallas-Fort Worth area had seen in nearly 90 years.

As many begin the long process of cleaning up after these storms, many are beginning to share shocking footage of the tornadoes as they wreaked havoc through the area.

The video above, shot by Live Storms Media, shows the immense size and power of the twister that hit Rowlett. The tornado quickly became larger and gained tighter rotation as it sped toward the busy roadways nearby.

Another video shot by storm chasers as they drove through Rowlett gives you an idea of just how many people were out and about while the tornado tore through the town. Many cars are seen driving toward the funnel cloud as it nears the I-30 interstate.

This video was taken from a slightly safer distance, but still shows how large and unrelenting the tornado really was. You can see transformers and power lines exploding as the storm quickly barrels across town.

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See Surreal Footage of the Tornadoes That Ravaged North Texas