See Sam Hunt's Picturesque New Video for 'Single for the Summer'

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It's hard to believe that Sam Hunt is still able to release singles from his 2014 smash hit Montevallo, but he's doing just that with "Single for the Summer."

Nearly two years after he first emerged onto the country scene, he's taking the Taylor Swift route of releasing as many singles as possible from his debut LP. With five chart-topping singles already behind him, he's likely to return to the number one spot with his timely new release.

Fans may be saddened to know that Hunt himself doesn't appear in the video, but his decision to opt for a more artistic setting seems like a rather wise choice. It would be obvious and easy to simply film a party scene set in the downtown Nashville bars he sings about, but instead the clip encapsulates the feeling of youth and freedom that is the true center of the song.

"Single for the Summer" will likely be the last release from Montevallo, as Hunt has been hard at work creating new music for his followup release. Although it's unclear when we'll get a sneak preview of his latest work, fans can see him all summer on the road opening for Kenny Chesney's Spread the Love tour.

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See Sam Hunt's Picturesque New Video for 'Single for the Summer'