See Sam Hunt's Fiery Video for 'Break Up in a Small Town'


Sam Hunt turns up the intensity in the new video for "Break Up in a Small Town".

The 30-year-old shows off his acting chops, along with some pretty serious facial hair, in the mini-movie for his latest single. Musically, the track is one of the edgiest off his breakthrough 2014 debut Montevallo. Throughout the track, electronic drum beats drive the track, alongside acoustic and electric guitar, that toe the line between many genres.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the track's purely country lyrics are about one of the harshest downsides to living in a tiny country town. When love turns sour, it's impossible to get away from constant reminders of that person and your once happy relationship. Those painful moments are explained perfectly by Hunt, who sounds like he could either punch a wall or break down and cry at any moment.

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Although country purists may be quick to criticize the song's experimental sound, it should really be celebrated. Instead of sticking with worn-out cliches and predictable riffs, Hunt channels his R&B and pop influences to evolve the mainstream sound. Overall, "Break Up in a Small Town" is an all-around solid track that's filled with an array of emotions, from longing nostalgia to bitter regret, which are perfectly vocalized by Hunt.

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See Sam Hunt's Fiery Video for 'Break Up in a Small Town'