See Robert Ellis Chase Fleeting Love in New Video for 'California'

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Robert Ellis finds and loses love in his cinematic new video for "California."

The video follows Ellis meeting his love interest (portrayed by director Erika Alexandrea Silverman) at a carnival. From there, we see flashes of the couple's life together interspersed with their eventual breakup.

Like Ellis' video for "How I Love You", which takes place in an otherworldly, abandoned Houston, "California" was filmed in Ellis' homestate of Texas. The clip was shot over the course of three days in Denton and Austin.

In a recent Facebook post, Ellis summed up his thoughts on the video, love loss and whether he plays "the villain" in the clip.

"Sometimes two people really love each other and feel powerless to some greater force saying "you shouldn't be together." They fall into patterns that seem impossible to break. They go from happy and in love, to angry, resentful, defensive, desperate," Ellis wrote. "I don't think that either partner is entirely at fault in a break up. It takes two people to argue and fight as much as it takes two willing people to fall in love. It's a journey they make together until they just can't anymore."

"California" is the latest single from Ellis' acclaimed self-titled fourth album on New West Records. Check out his incredible cover of George Jones' classic hit "The Grand Tour" here.

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See Robert Ellis Chase Fleeting Love in New Video for 'California'