See Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen’s Laid Back ‘Hangin’ Out in Bars’ Video

Screengrab via YouTube

Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen went to the only appropriate location imaginable to shoot a live video for their track, “Hangin’ Out in Bars.”

Inside an empty bar, Bowen sips away at a beer and strums a few chords while Rogers sings about waiting for a lost lover. The setting allows the pair to completely capture the meaning and feeling of the song, as Rogers describes a man trying to drown the pain of missing his ex.

Bowen and Rogers are long-time friends and collaborators. “Hanging Out in Bars” comes from the duo’s first collaborative album, Hold My Beer, which they released in 2015. Their newest project, Watch This, features 19 live acoustic recordings with a down-to-earth sound.

Rogers told Rolling Stone Country that they were both inspired to make music that had the same feel as the traditional country they listened to growing up.  “We wanted to lean heavily on the music we liked as kids,” Rogers said. “The music our dads would jam to. We wanted lots of fiddle. Lots of steel. And lots of duets, obviously.”

The two are currently touring with their own individual bands, but you can catch them on stage together in Helotes, Texas on July 14.

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See Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen’s Laid Back ‘Hangin’ Out in Bars’ Video