See Part Two of Zac Brown Band’s ‘Remedy’ Video Trilogy

YouTube/Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band has just released part two of their artsy Remedy video trilogy. The video series features music from their latest album, Jekyll + Hyde, and is beautifully shot and directed.

Part one of the Remedy trilogy focused on a young girl leaving home after getting in an altercation with her alcoholic mother, and part two is just as gripping and emotional. In addition to the track “Remedy,” the three videos also feature new songs “I’ll Be Your Man (Song for a Daughter)” and “Tomorrow Never Comes.”

In part two, the distraught girl runs into the forest and recalls moments spent with her grandfather. She tries to find clarity by reconnecting with her past and soaking in the nature around her. We also see a friend trying to help the alcoholic mother as she struggles to avoid drinking. After some self-healing in the forest, the girl returns home to support her mom. It looks like in part three, we’ll probably find out if the mother is actually capable of staying sober.

Diego Pernía, an award-winning international film director, directed the Remedy video trilogy. In the short film’s credits, Zac Brown thanks Pernía and co-writer Edsa Ramírez Reynoso, stating, “Thank you for believing in me. When I saw your incredible work I could hear God’s voice trying to put us together.”

Part three of the Remedy series is set for release on Friday, June 24.

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See Part Two of Zac Brown Band’s ‘Remedy’ Video Trilogy