See Mo Pitney's New Video for His Powerful Song 'Everywhere'

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Country's resident good-guy newcomer Mo Pitney released one of the best albums this year. A beautiful blend of Pitney's traditional leanings with modern flair, Behind This Guitar perfectly captured the youngun's style.

And now, Pitney's got a brand new video for the album's latest single, "Everywhere." He recently shared the clip on his Facebook page, calling it a song he's "real proud of."

The tune probably lands near the poppiest side of Pitney's spectrum, yet he pulls it off flawlessly. A tune about the inescapable presence of the people we carry with us, "Everywhere" could be just as much about a girl as a family member, friend or career influence.

(If you know anything about Mo Pitney, that very likely means Merle Haggard).

The video does an impressive job of capturing the song's vibe, too. Equal parts slick and genuine, it features several important components.

There's Mo standing by himself, being all sultry. And there's Mo playing live on stage or changing guitar strings. But the video also features clips of winding stretches of road and vast cityscapes, as well as nature.

The whole "everywhere" thing comes across pretty darn well. And that's nice to see for an artist like Pitney, who waited quite a while to release the first record. One of country's best-kept "secrets," Mo Pitney is on the fast-track to reaching a lot of folks with his genuine voice.

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See Mo Pitney's New Video for His Powerful Song 'Everywhere'