See Merle Haggard Perform His Classic Hit 'Workin' Man Blues'

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The world of music took a major blow with the loss of Merle Haggard, who passed away after a bout of pneumonia on April 6. As we continue to mourn the passing of the country legend, we take a look back at some of his most memorable career performances.

In honor of Haggard, the Grand Ole Opry released footage of his 1977 performance from the television show "That Nashville Music," which featured country artists singing their biggest hits of the time. In this clip, Haggard's personality shines through as he jokingly introduces his band before beginning the track that hit number one in 1969.

The song connected with blue-collar country fans who spent each day working hard to provide for their families. Now, it is still credited as one of his signature songs and represents his longtime focus on telling stories about the working class and their everyday lives.

It's hard to believe that we won't get to see this legend take the stage for another rendition of this great song. Still, we're all lucky to have footage like this to help us remember the talents and incredible music of the man who helped change country music for the better.

Click below to watch Merle Haggard perform "Workin' Man Blues."

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See Merle Haggard Perform His Classic Hit 'Workin' Man Blues'