Luke Bryan Shares the Spotlight with Young Cancer Survivor Onstage in Texas

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Luke Bryan gave Dallas, Texas something to smile about during his concert this past Saturday, Oct. 22. Alisha Michelle, a fan who attended the Saturday night show, shared the entire experience via her Facebook page.

According to Alisha, Bryan held an intimate meet-and-greet prior to his show. During the event, Bryan spotted a young boy holding a guitar and wearing a Make-a-Wish-Foundation T-shirt. Instead of asking for an autograph, the 13-year-old simply wanted to play him a song.

Alisha writes that the young boy is a cancer survivor who came to sing his rendition of Bryan’s song “Do I” to him. The country superstar was so blown away by the performance that he asked the boy if he’d like to join him up on stage and sing it to the crowd at AT&T Stadium. The young boy’s answer was simple.

“Yes sir,” he said.

During the show, Bryan called the boy up on stage and the crowd couldn’t contain their excitement.  Luke simply sat back in awe of the young talent, and only joined in here and there for some backing vocals. See for yourself the memorable moment in the video below.

According to the video’s caption, the young boy stayed up on stage and even did a little bit of “Here’s To The Farmer” while showing off more of his guitar skills.

Bryan has been bringing fans up on stage during performances for quite a while now, but this one was truly special. After that performance, it’s likely we’ll be seeing a lot more of Ethan in the years to come.

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Luke Bryan Shares the Spotlight with Young Cancer Survivor Onstage in Texas