See Johnny and June's Iconic Perfomance of 'Jackson'

Few country duos have captivated the hearts of fans like Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Their undeniable chemistry illuminated the stage whenever they performed together.

"Jackson" was one of the couple's most iconic songs. Recorded on Jan. 11, 1967, their back and forth banter between each verse showcased their vibrant personalities as well. The song begins with both of them in harmony as a couple reminiscing about the way their marriage used to be and the revelation that the fire has since gone out.

Johnny takes over first and in enters the conflict and initial relevance of the song as he sings with confidence, "I'm goin' to Jackson, I'm gonna mess around." With a fiery tone, June sets him straight, "Go play your hand you big-talkin' man, make a big fool of yourself."

After a bit more back and forth and sharing of the limelight, the song builds up right back where it started, with the two of them coming together again singing about their fizzled out marriage. The comical wrath comes to an end as they both decide to go to Jackson together like they had discussed to once again find that spark.

Adding to the allure of the song was the real-life relationship between the two of them. The song was recorded about a year before they became engaged. The fun and playful persona given throughout the song shows an intimate comfort level between both Johnny and June making it that much more gratifying and worthy of their 1968 Grammy.

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See Johnny and June's Iconic Perfomance of 'Jackson'