See Johnny Cash Recall Falling for June Carter in New Documentary

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The love story between Johnny Cash and June Carter is truly legendary. When the two met for the first time backstage at the Grand Ole Opry in 1956, it began a series of events that would eventually lead to their longtime marriage.

It wasn’t a simple love story, however. Cash was married at the time, and Carter was in a relationship as well. Still, Cash says he knew from the very moment he saw her that they were meant to be together. In this clip from the upcoming documentary The Winding Stream, Cash himself describes the spark he felt for his future wife during that fateful night.

The country legend doesn’t hold back his love for Carter during the interview as he reflects on how she “stole his heart.” The documentary also goes on to describe how June Carter’s family felt during Cash’s first few visits to their family home. Her cousins describe his intensity that left them feeling slightly intimidated, as well as his kind gestures and impressive manners.

The film gives an intimate look at the couple’s incredible life story together, which will forever be remembered as one of the most eventful and remarkable romances in country music.

The Winding Stream will be available on-demand and on DVD beginning May 17.

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See Johnny Cash Recall Falling for June Carter in New Documentary