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You Have to See This Amazing Off-the-Grid Cabin


A champion snowboarder reveals how he fulfilled his childhood dreams of living in a scenic, hand-built cabin.

Pro-snowboarder Mike Basich traded in a life of luxury for a tiny 225-square-foot home tucked away in the mountains of Truckee, Calif. After he became one of the top athletes in his sport, Basich spent his winnings on a massive home and expensive cars. He soon realized that possessions gave him little personal satisfaction, and decided to revisit his dream of living off the land. With the help of his friends and family, Basich began building the home of his dreams.

The custom-built home features a mixture of hard wood, rock and other materials that were brought to the top of the mountain by hand. After five years, Basich's home was finally completed. Although it lacks indoor plumbing, the house features most other modern conveniences. The lower level is home to a spacious kitchen and a cozy seating area, complete with a fireplace. The loft area above the living space is home to Basich's sleeping quarters.

The home is located in the middle of 40 acres of land, which Basich has converted into his own outdoor playground. He hand-built a ski lift, which gives visitors a birds-eye view of the land. He can also snowboard freely around his property, or stop to take a few photos of his surroundings.

No matter what his day brings, Basich says he's just happy to be able to enjoy a special connection with nature that most never get to experience.

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You Have to See This Amazing Off-the-Grid Cabin