See H-E-B's 'How To Make A Texas' Super Bowl Commercial

H-E-B makes the perfect recipe for Texas in their new Super Bowl commercial narrated by Academy Award-winner Billy Bob Thornton.

The spot is a play on a recipe that describes the unique ingredients that make up Texas' landscape and rich culture.

The ad, directed by Sugar Film Production's Chris Smithwas filmed in locations all around Texas, from the Gulf Coast to the desert out west. There's something in it for all Texans.

According to Statesman.com, the commercial will air in 11 national markets, including Austin, Houston and San Antonio, and will reach at least 7 million viewers across the state. You can also catch the commercial during the upcoming Academy Awards.

H-E-B usually airs a big-budget ad with an A-list celebrity around this time of year. Previous spots have featured Eva Longoria, Troy Aikman and Texas country hero Jack Ingram.

I'd say H-E-B scored a touchdown with this year's ad. Watch for yourself in the video below.

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See H-E-B's 'How To Make A Texas' Super Bowl Commercial