See George Jones' Touching Duet With His Young Daughter

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George Jones shares a tender moment with his young daughter Georgette in this vintage performance  from 1981.

In the video above, you'll see Jones as he introduces his 10-year-old daughter to accompany him onstage. Sporting a bright pink outfit and matching cowboy hat, his young daughter confidently takes her place next to her famous father before taking on the song's chorus.

Jones proudly swings his daughter's arm back and forth as he holds her hand and watches proudly as she performs in front of the crowd. Georgette's mother, fellow country star Tammy Wynette, is shown as she looks on from the audience.

As the crowd responds with a wave of cheers and clapping for Georgette, it's obvious that both the content of the song and performance are difficult for Wynette to handle. A few years prior, the couple had divorced due to George's erratic behavior caused by his issues with alcoholism. During the time of this performance, the two were no longer on speaking terms.

Although Jones and Wynette's feud would go on for years, the pair finally reconciled in the 1990s. The duo released their last collaborative album, 1995's One, just three years before Wynette's sudden passing from a blood clot.

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See George Jones' Touching Duet With His Young Daughter