See the First Trailer for Hank Williams Biopic, 'I Saw The Light'


The first trailer for the upcoming Hank Williams biopic I Saw The Light has been released.

The film, which will hit theaters on March 25, stars British actor Tom Hiddleston as country legend Hank Williams and Elizabeth Olsen as Williams' wife, manager and musician Audrey Sheppard Williams. Directed by Marc Abraham, the film follows the story of Williams' rise to fame and his struggle with addiction that eventually led to his death at the age of 29.

The trailer gives viewers glimpses of the highs and lows that occurred during Williams' short life, including the birth of his son, appearances at the Grand Ole Opry, as well as violent and reckless behavior spawned by his struggles with alcoholism and drug use.

Although the film initially drew criticism for choosing a British actor for the lead role, Hank's granddaughter Holly Williams recently voiced her support of Hiddleston after viewing an advanced screening of the film.

"Tom really put his whole heart and soul into it," she told Rolling Stone. "He worked so hard to embody everything about Hank, all of the nuances and who Hank really was. Tom put all his passion into his performance."

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See the First Trailer for Hank Williams Biopic, 'I Saw The Light'