See a Young Dolly Parton Perform Her First Hit, 'Dumb Blonde'

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In 1967, Dolly Parton hit the country charts for the first time with her debut single, "Dumb Blonde". It marked the beginning of an incredible career that would leave a long-lasting impact on country music.

At the time, Parton was simply excited to finally have her first charted single. She had been performing since the age of six, eventually making her way to the Grand Ole Opry stage. It was then that Parton met Johnny Cash, who inspired her to take control of her own career and push harder toward success. Those efforts paid off at the age of 21, when Parton appeared on the popular Bobby Lord Show. 

During her television appearance, Parton's bubbly personality and jaw-dropping talents were impossible to ignore. Her mixture of talent and beauty was a hit with country fans, who couldn't get enough of her feisty sound. As her single climbed the country charts, the now country-legend became more confident in her own voice. Nearly 50 years later, the performance still perfectly represents why Parton is one of country's most unique and incredible talents.

Click below to see a bright-eyed Dolly Parton perform her first hit, "Dumb Blonde," on the Bobby Lord Show.

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See a Young Dolly Parton Perform Her First Hit, 'Dumb Blonde'