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Dierks Bentley's Dramatic New Video for 'Hold The Light' Honors Firefighters



Dierks Bentley just released "Hold The Light," a new song from an upcoming film called Only The Brave. With wildfires currently causing devastation in California, the dramatic video carries a serious weight.

On Sunday, Oct. 8, heavy winds ignited fires in Northern California. The fast-moving blazes already claimed 17 lives, injured hundreds more and displaced more than 20,000. Dire before-and-after images show "apocalyptic" destruction of homes and buildings, and hundreds of residents are missing throughout the regions.


Which makes the timeliness of Bentley's new video "Hold The Light" particularly austere. He wrote and performed the song for the Only The Brave soundtrack, so the video heavily features clips from the movie.

In 2013, a wildfire on Yarnell Hill threatened small communities in Arizona. As firefighters took to containing the blaze, a strong gust of wind caused it to grow from 300 acres to more than 2,000 in a matter of hours. The sudden spread overtook the small team and killed 19 firefighters who first went to battle it.

Only The Brave opens this week, and given the current fires in California, it's sure to weigh heavy in hearts. An Arizona native, Dierks Bentley appreciated the chance to honor them in the film.

"I was on the road when the fire happened back in 2013," Bentley told Billboard. "and we went out to do a little benefit in awareness for these families and the community of Prescott. So we did a concert there and got to meet some of the families, meet Brendan [McDonough], the one firefighter that survived."