Brent Cobb’s ‘Down Home’ Paints a Perfect Picture of Rural Life [LISTEN]

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Songwriter Brent Cobb shows off his talents and touts his hometown in his new video for "Down Home."

The track is featured on the recently-released concept album Southern Family, which is the brainchild of Brent's cousin, Grammy-nominated producer Dave Cobb. On a record full of stellar recordings about the reality of growing up in the South, Cobb's self-penned track seems like one of the most earnest and accurate retellings of everyday life in rural Georgia.

The mixture of Cobb's charming southern drawl, brilliant storytelling and flawless production melds into a track that is impossible to resist. Years of writing stellar tracks for everyone from Little Big Town to Luke Bryan has given him the ability to use lyrical imagery in order to describe his beloved hometown.

In the video itself, viewers get a glimpse of both Brent and Dave Cobb hard at work on the track while in the recording studio. Later, Cobb is shown performing alongside his band on stage at the historic Grand Ole Hatchery music venue in Dickson, Tenn.

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Brent Cobb is currently hard at work on his debut album with his cousin in Nashville's historic Studio A. The currently untitled record will be released on Dave Cobb's Low Country Sound imprint on Elektra Records.

Click below to watch Brent Cobb's new video for "Down Home" from Southern Family.

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Brent Cobb’s ‘Down Home’ Paints a Perfect Picture of Rural Life [LISTEN]