Blake Shelton’s New Video is a Step Backwards for Women

Screengrab via YouTube

The attempted transformation of Blake Shelton from a cowboy hat-wearing country crooner to a polished Hollywood star has never been more apparent than in his new video for “Came Here to Forget.”

Since his divorce from Miranda Lambert last summer, Shelton has been very open with his relationship with The Voice co-star Gwen Stefani. He’s admitted that the less than romantic “Came Here to Forget” is taken from personal experience, and it’s hard not to consider it a sort of musical jab at his ex.

Thankfully, we were all spared from seeing the seemingly inseparable new couple reenact their relationship’s beginnings for the track’s video. Instead, fans are rewarded with the chance to see Shelton ogle a supermodel while hanging out at a beachside bar. The much-younger object of his affection naturally decides to get up and dance seductively while he stares on happily. Between the shots of him staring in various scenic locations, and the ridiculous close-ups of her breasts and stomach, it makes you wonder if anyone considered making the female character in the story anything more than something pretty to look at.

While featuring beautiful women in country videos is nothing new, the strange tone of the track and Shelton’s ridiculously aloof attitude combined with the objectification of his love interest makes this one big old mess. Overall, this video tries and utterly fails at making Shelton seem anything more than that creepy guy at the bar your friends warn you about. Better luck next time, Blake.

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Blake Shelton’s New Video is a Step Backwards for Women