This Woman Has Knit Over 300 Cozy Sweaters for Greyhounds

Knitted With Love

How would you like to quit your job and knit sweaters for dogs full time? Well, one English woman did just that. Jan Brown started a business called Knitted with Love where she knits sweaters for greyhounds and whippets, and all proceeds go to animal shelters in the UK.

Jan started knitting these sweaters for greyhounds in 2008 to benefit a greyhound rescue group, and after becoming inundated with orders, she has left her job to do it full time. This seems like a dog lover’s dream come true.

Why whippets and greyhounds? These dog breeds are especially sensitive to cold weather due to thin skin and little body fat. In an interview with Metro, Jan says, “I have spent over 4,000 hours knitting but it’s all worthwhile when I see them sporting their new jumpers and hats.” Now, that’s dedication!

Check out some of Jan’s specialty hand knit sweaters.

Jan is no longer taking Christmas orders, but you can learn more about her or place an order on Knitted With Love.

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This Woman Has Knit Over 300 Cozy Sweaters for Greyhounds