The Secret Talents of Your Favorite Country Music Stars

Our favorite country stars have more talent than we get to see on stage. Here are 15 artists who have unique skills. 

15. Martina McBride, Party Planner


Martina McBride’s love for all things country trickles down into her lesser-known talent of party planning. Last October, McBride published a book about the art of entertaining titled Around the Table. The book details things like which wines to drink with certain cheeses and what to listen to while pairing the two.

14. Kenny Rogers, Tennis

University of Houston Libraries
University of Houston Libraries

Even though he can’t play tennis anymore, Kenny Rogers was once a tennis ace. While touring, Rogers would search out tennis courts at every stop and play Wimbledon Champions. In turn, he gained a national ranking and a professional-level grade. His collection of racquets signed by tennis greats is currently on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

13. Miranda Lambert, Equestrian


When she’s not on stage, Miranda Lambert is at her Oklahoma ranch, trading in her acoustic guitar for an English-saddle and a horse to ride. Lambert says riding horses helps her clear her head and makes it easier for her to write music.

12. Hank Williams Jr., Metal Detector Extraordinaire


You’d think with all the success Hank Williams Jr. has had over the years he wouldn’t need to go looking for lost treasures. Yet, he does. He loves looking for Civil War artifacts that are buried deep beneath the earthen layers of time. Williams even gives metal detectors as gifts.

11. Colt Ford, Golf Pro


Before he was Colt Ford, he was Jason Farris Brown. And, before he was “too fat and old to do anything else”, he once told ESPN, that he was quite the golfer. In fact, he had a brief professional run on the national circuit.

10. Jason Aldean, Baseball Player


Jason Aldean had the chance for a free ride to college on a baseball scholarship. After finishing high school he didn’t want to spend any more time in school, so, he turned it down. Instead, he decided to pursue a career in music, which has proven successful. He still loves the game and is an avid Braves fan.

9. Marty Stuart, Photographer

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Marty Stuart is a virtuosic musician who masterfully tells stories through songs. But his talents don’t end there; Stuart also tells stories through black and white photographs. Whether it be the impoverished Lakota tribe of South Dakota or behind-the-scenes shots of music greats, his eye for feeling in a photograph is incredible. Stuart’s photography was recently on display at the Frist Museum in Nashville.

8. Kellie Pickler, Roller Girl


Before American Idol, Kellie Pickler was working a modest job in North Carolina. That job was as a waitress at the local Sonic Drive-In. All the balance and agility skating provided her with later came into use. She was the Dancing with the Stars champion on season 19.

7. Chris Young, Breakdancer


This Murfreesboro, Tennessee native has had a very successful career for such a young artist. The 28-year-old, Grammy-nominated singer already has five Number One hits to his name and four albums under his belt. But the accomplishment that trumps all of that success is Young’s break dancing skills.

6. George Strait, Team Roper


What makes George Strait a Country music superstar and icon of masculinity? Is it his more than 70 awards? His military service? Or, being an actor in four movies as well as being inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame? Well, yes, it is all of those. But, it is also the fact that he is a team roper and has competed as one with his older brother.

5. Tim McGraw, Juggler


There isn’t much Tim McGraw hasn’t done. He’s an actor and an award-winning country music artist. He’s toured all over the world and is married to a talented and beautiful woman, Faith Hill. It was while on one of those world tours where McGraw got caught juggling oranges.

4. Jake Owen, Wakeboarder


One of the activities that Jake Owen loves most has also contributed to his country music success. While wakeboarding near Vero Beach, Florida (my hometown!), Owens suffered a severe injury that prevented him from pursuing a professional golf career. While recovering, Owens learned to play guitar to ease his depression.

3. Steve Wariner, Painter


Steve Wariner has had a busy music career. He’s written or co-written all of his songs and he wrote Number One hits for Clint Black and Garth Brooks. He’s also painted throughout his music career. Wariner’s work has been displayed at the Tennessee State Museum. He actually hoped to be a painter before Dottie West discovered him.

2. Willie Nelson, TaeKwonDo Expert

flickr/John Pozadzides

Nelson, 81, is currently working on his third black belt in taekwondo. He took up martial arts seriously 20 years ago and has been at it ever since. Apparently, he’s always on time and ready to train.

1. Kris Kristofferson, Helicopter Pilot

Kris Kristofferson
flickr/Bryan Ledgard

At one point in his life, Kris Kristofferson was a desperate man. He was a janitor at the offices of Columbia Records where Johnny Cash was signed. Kristofferson ran into Cash many times in the offices and backstage at The Grand Ole Opry, but never caught Cash’s interest. So, he took that desperation to another level: he landed a helicopter on Cash’s Hendersonville lawn to hand-deliver his songwriting demos, one of which was “Sunday Morning Coming Down.” That caught the Man in Black’s attention. Cash went on to record the song, and it became one of his biggest hits.

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The Secret Talents of Your Favorite Country Music Stars