The Scrambled Dog Has Every Topping You'd Ever Want From a Hot Dog

Like sandwiches, every region of the United States has its own way of doing hot dogs. In Chicago, they add sport peppers, New York prefers a drizzle of ketchup, yellow mustard, and sauerkraut, and in Columbus, Georgia, the scrambled dog is the local favorite, and the Dinglewood Pharmacy is the place to grab one.

Welcome to the Columbus, Georgia, Home of the Dinglewood Pharmacy

Friendly and down-home, the Dinglewood Pharmacy has been serving locals since 1918 and stands as the oldest eating establishment in town. Like nostalgic lunch counters, the soda fountain serves up favorites like Coca-Cola floats, ice cream milkshakes, banana splits, and bbq sandwiches, along with some of the best hot dogs you've ever tasted. But these aren't your normal hot dog bun dogs. No, this is much much more.

Meet the Scrambled Dog

It's got everything you've ever wanted. Hot dogs, hot dog buns, chili, pickles, coleslaw, and oyster crackers. Sometimes people add yellow mustard and chopped white onions, others like the addition of shredded cheddar cheese, jalapenos and sour cream on their dogs.

According to the Ledger-Enquirer, the Columbus establishment sells over 600 red wieners a week and was listed in "100 Plates Locals Love" in the 2016 edition of Georgia Eats, a guide to the best eats across the Peach State. Most recently it was mentioned on the MLB site in the article, "Every regional hot dog, ranked by how weird it is.". It won first.

The dog recipe was perfected by longtime cook, Lieutenant Stevens, who passed earlier this year after serving up scrambled dogs for over 68 years. During that time his Scramble dog was sent to the White House when Jimmy Carter was president, and to several weddings and celebrations in Saudi Arabia and Florence, Italy.

While you can make one of these hot dog concoctions at home, we highly recommend you make a trip out to Columbus and try the real thing out with a glass of cherry coke.

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