Scotty McCreery's Flawless Cover of 'Mama Tried' is a Must See

YouTube/Grand Ole Opry

This could be the best Merle Haggard tribute we've seen so far. On April 12, Scotty McCreery performed at the Grand Ole Opry and took the opportunity to honor Haggard in song.

Haggard sadly passed away on April 6 (his 70th birthday), and McCreery chose to remember the icon by performing one of the Hag's most beloved tracks for his Opry audience. Click below to see see McCreery's flawless rendition of "Mama Tried."

McCreery knocks his cover of "Mama Tried" out of the park. His classic country, deep voice does the song justice, and his upbeat and fun performance was the perfect way to honor Haggard. He wraps up it all up by saying, "God bless Mr. Merle Haggard, y'all," before thanking the audience and the Opry.

McCreery recalls having the pleasure of meeting Haggard to Fox 11, saying, "I had the chance to meet him a few years back. I was at this show in North Carolina, and his son took me backstage to meet him."

"Merle is just a guy that goes out there, and he shows you what to do," McCreery says. "At whatever age, he was still out there rocking, and still playing the guitar, and still singing songs."

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Scotty McCreery's Flawless Cover of 'Mama Tried' is a Must See