Scotty McCreery Sings With His Elementary School’s Choir [VIDEO]

Scotty McCreery visited his old elementary school and joined in on a song with their children's choir.

North Carolina native Scotty McCreery made a special stop during a recent trip home that left a lot of young kids with smiles on their faces.After Elizabeth Palmieri, McCreery's former music teacher at Timber Drive Elementary heard that he was visiting his hometown, she asked if he would be willing to join the school's children's choir for a song at their May 7 concert. He agreed and joined the children for a version of his hit song, "I Love You This Big".McCreery talked to the News & Observer about his experience revisiting his old stomping grounds. He says traveling back to the same place where he had sang in the school chorus and brought his guitar to show-and-tell was a truly memorable experience.

"It's just cool to come back and see the old stomping grounds, and it's fun to see the smiles on kids' faces when they get surprised," McCreery said. "So I'm glad I'm in a position to give back."

Many of the children in the choir couldn't contain their excitement over their surprise singing partner. Student Salena Price burst into tears when she saw McCreery walk through the door. "He came here. He sings nice. And he touched my hand three times," Price said. "He's my favorite singer."

McCreery's appearance was also kept a secret from the children's parents in order to make the night even more unforgettable.

"It was special," McCreery said. "That's what you want for them. To be happy, and they are young and having fun. It would have a big night regardless of if I was here, but I hope I made their night a little better."

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Scotty McCreery Sings With His Elementary School’s Choir [VIDEO]