Scotty McCreery Performs Emotional Song for His Grandfather at the Opry

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Scotty McCreery stunned the Grand Ole Opry audience with an emotional song written in honor of his late grandfather.

On June 10, McCreery performed the sentimental song, "Five More Minutes," during his set at the Opry. The track was inspired by his grandfather, Bill McCreery, who passed away in January 2015. In the song, McCreery wishes he had five more minutes during some of the best and most meaningful times in his life, including those last moments with his grandfather.

McCreery debuted "Five More Minutes" last year at a concert in his home state of North Carolina, where he described his grandfather as a devoted husband with a good-nature and hearty laugh.

Before kicking off his Opry performance, McCreery explained the story behind the song. "I wrote this song probably about a couple weeks after I lost my grandfather, and we were very close," he told the crowd. "He's never heard this song, but I know he's watching and very proud of me -- the fact that I'm at the Grand Ole Opry tonight."

It's evident that the song means a lot to McCreery, who fought back tears during the flawless performance.

This stunning performance follows his incredible cover of Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried,"  which he performed at the historic venue just days after the country legend's death.

The American Idol has had a successful music career since his days on the singing competition show. Aside from music, he also released his first book titled Go Big or Go Home which came out in May of this year.

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Scotty McCreery Performs Emotional Song for His Grandfather at the Opry