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Scotch Experts Review Cheap Whiskey, Hilarity Ensues

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Do you remember your first swig of cheap whiskey? You probably handled it like a champion and immediately regretted it afterwards. But ever since, you've lived in blissful ignorance because not all of us can be experts on scotch.

Well, the experience of cheap whiskey is a little different for these scotch experts. A Master of Scotch, Rick Edwards, and a Single Malt Specialist, Kat Aagesen, test out five cheap, popular whiskeys. They don't really go into the testing with a bias against cheaper whiskeys, which is nice to see, and instead judge them by scent, color, and taste in a blind test.

Wild Turkey 101, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, Evan Williams Bourbon, and Fireball each get their day in the sun. While some were decent hits and some were so far off the mark, they got a score of "negative infinity." Won't spoil which one that was for you.

Do you agree with their taste profiles of these classic, cheap whiskeys? Regardless, they're all still pretty perfect for a Friday night, passing the bottles around a campfire. Drink responsibly, kids.

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Scotch Experts Review Cheap Whiskey, Hilarity Ensues