United Airlines

United Airlines Passenger Stung by Scorpion on Flight from Texas

Yet another United Airlines passenger found himself in a scary situation this week. According to Sky News, a scorpion found its way onto a flight from Houston, Texas to Calgary and stung one of United's passengers.

Passenger Richard Bell was aboard the plane when he suddenly felt something strange hit his head. When reached for the unknown specimen, he and the passenger next to him were shocked to find the eight-legged creature. Before he could react, the scorpion stung his thumb. Bell said the surprise guest caused a lot of "excitement" among the other passengers.

After being squashed by a shoe, the scorpion arrived at its final destination - the commode. Upon arrival, emergency workers gave Bell a clean bill of health.

Bell says the United staff handled the situation perfectly and even provided Bell with credit for another flight. That's some much-needed good news for the airline, who have become the butt of the internet's jokes.

After a video of a passenger being dragged off a plane went viral, dozens of hilarious memes popped up. Rising country artist Cole Taylor also poked fun at the incident with his impromptu song "Here at United" on America's Morning Show this week.

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