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Fearless 8-Year-Old Cowgirl Pulls off Amazing Rodeo 'Scorpion' Move

Third-grader Kameryn White knows that it takes a lot of guts to be a rodeo star. On Jan. 21, she proved her talents by completing the incredibly difficult "scorpion" move.

To complete the maneuver, the rider flies from their horse while kicking their feet and legs backward, resembling a scorpion. It's a move that is difficult enough for a seasoned rodeo competitor, but one that's nearly impossible for one as young as White.

However, White managed to pull off the move during the goat tying competition. You can watch her in action in this incredible video.

What's probably most amazing about the clip is her instant reaction time. Even after landing in the dirt, she was quick to get up and finish the job. Her hard work and dedication to the task at hand are obvious after you watch the clip.

Naturally, the incredible video that her parents shared after the competition quickly went viral. Not long after the family first uploaded the clip, it amassed around 20,000 shares and thousands of comments and reactions to it.

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White lives about three hours from San Antonio in a town called Hico. While she is only 8 years old, she loves the rodeo and has been participating in them since she was five. When she isn't competing, she spends her spare time caring for her many animals along with riding and practicing nightly for her rodeo competitions.

At the annual San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, White placed first in the breakaway roping competition, second in goat touching and eight in pole-bending. With moves as good as the "scorpion," White is sure to have a long, fun career in the rodeo world.

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