Texas' Second Oldest Dance Hall is up for Sale on eBay

Man, eBay really does have it all. The auction website just added an irreplaceable piece of Texas music history to its offerings. Now through April 15, you can bid on the second oldest dance hall in Texas, Schroeder Hall.

Located in Schroeder, Texas (about 123 miles south of Austin), Schroeder Hall housed American icons and musical legends. From Willie Nelson to Merle Haggard to George Jones to Ray Price, all the country legends stopped by Schroeder Hall.

Built in the 1890s, the hall stayed relevant thanks to the new class of Texas country artists that came about 100 years later. Folks like Pat Green, Randy Rogers Band and Cody Johnson went out of their way to stop in and play the venue.

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So what do you get if you win Schroeder Hall by bidding on eBay? For starters, five acres of land between Goliad and Victoria. The main dance hall features a remodeled and massive 13,000 square foot slab for dancing and entertaining. Not to mention an outside patio, private 930 square foot saloon and small acoustic stage.

The stage is plenty big enough (16-foot by 34-foot) and the property comes with a kitchen facility and air conditioning.

The facility alone came in at more than $500,000 after appraisal.

But the winning buyer also gets a 2.5-acre site across the street, featuring a few other historic buildings. Those include a schoolhouse and two homes. And yes, a cemetery, which may or may not be a feature for some folks. The property comes "as-is," including all furniture and fixtures.

Current bidding on the whole lot sits at $220,000. But the "reserve" on the property has not yet been met. Which means they set a minimum price they won't go below, and you won't know until somebody meets that price through a bid.

Hopefully, a Texas music-minded buyer steps up to preserve this classic piece of music history and help it entertain thousands for decades to come.

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