School Bus Home

Check out This Unique Off-The-Grid School Bus Home


An Illinois couple have transformed a regular school bus into a jaw-dropping tiny home with a unique raised roof.

Luke and Rachel Davis decided that they wanted to travel full-time. After a friend suggested using a school bus as a mobile home, they sold their house and went to work.

Now, the Davis', along with their daughter and dog, travel the U.S. year-round. The couple started a blog called Midwest Wanderers to document their adventures.


Although it took a lot of work, the raised ceiling really makes this school bus feel like a true home by giving it an open feel. Small lights are embedded into the wood-lined ceiling, allowing even more light to fill the space.

The Davis' also added large windows on either side of the bus, opting to get rid of the traditional school bus windows. They allow for plenty of natural light and give the bus a more homey feel. The unique lights (like the one over their table) were made by Luke's father.

Since Rachel was a baker in her past life, a kitchen was really important to her. Understandably, she didn't want to compromise there, and they didn't. Their traveling home has everything you'd find in a typical house. The couple even has some extra cabinet space that they didn't fill up.

While the Davis' don't have an exact figure, they told Living Big in a Tiny House that it probably cost them about $30,000 to buy and renovate the bus. Compared to the average cost of a house, that's a steal.


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With their toddler and pup in tow, the Davis' have been able to see a good portion of the U.S. And, they're doing so as a family.

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