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This Popular Online Mother's Day Coupon is Actually a Huge Scam

It's almost Mother's Day, and plenty of businesses are sharing great deals and coupons for last minute shoppers. But one online coupon has been making the rounds on social media is actually a scam.

You may have seen some posts from your Facebook friends that feature a free $50 coupon from Lowes. All you have to do to get the coupon is fill out some info and take a quick survey. Sounds harmless, right? The problem is that the coupon doesn't actually exist, and the website is just an attempt to grab you personal info.

Fake coupon. Screenshot via Snopes.

The fake coupon in question. Screenshot via Snopes.

According to The Washington Post, similar coupons have been advertised as being worth $30 or $100. The URLs appear to link back to Lowes' actually website. But that's just a trick used to make the coupon look legitimate.

So many people have been getting scammed that the Police Department in Lynchburg, Va. even posted a warning about the scam on their Facebook page.

Snopes reports that this fake coupon first made it's rounds online back in 2015. Now, it's back in a new format that looks remarkable similar to legitimate Lowes coupons. Experts warn bargain shoppers to be wary of any deals this good. Most businesses, even large corporations, can't afford to give away thousands of $50 coupons to it's customers.

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