Central Texas Singer Injured in Tragic Accident

Last Wednesday (Nov. 2), singer and actress Savannah Welch was struck by a vehicle at the Wimberley Farmers Market in Wimberley, Texas.

At the time, Savannah was accompanied by her father Kevin Welch and 4-year-old son Kevin Welch. Neither were injured in the accident.

The vehicle hit Savannah in the leg, causing severe damage. She was Star Flighted to Brackenridge Hospital, where doctors determined her leg would need to be amputated. Savannah is currently recovering from her injuries.

You can help her and her family by donating to help cover their expenses. They recently launched a GoFundMe page to crowdsource funds to cover the medical costs and child care for Charlie.

The GoFundMe page has the following note about what the funds will go towards.

“Although Savannah does have insurance, there are immediate needs that must be met before any insurance claims will be settled and a vast amount of costs that will be incurred for her family from this life-changing injury that are unknown at this time. Savannah is facing all this with mind-blowing strength, positivity, gratitude and determination to begin building her new life with her son, life partner, family and friends. Beyond extensive medical fees, there will be needs for child Charlie-care, family travel expenses, an appropriate living situation that will cater to her physical therapy and healing needs, assisted home care, clothing (you know she’ll be gigging again in no time) and many more things well beyond what can currently be thought of. Savannah is a living miracle and an inspiration to us all and is fighting with all her might everyday to move forward. Let’s help her begin again and join in the celebration of being blessed with her beautiful soul on this earth.”

By all accounts, Savannah is handling the situation with an incredible strength and positivity. Her brother and fellow musician David Welch shared an update on Facebook.

“Savannah is a warrior woman, strong in will and spirit,” wrote Welch. “Her life — as is ours — is doubtlessly altered, but in no way diminished. For that, we are fortunate.”

Savannah is a member of the four-woman band The Trishas. She is also an accomplished actress who has appeared in a number of films including Boyhood and The Tree of Life.

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Central Texas Singer Injured in Tragic Accident